To download a PDF file of our current set of covenants, please click on the image to the left or the link below:


(The file is approximately 3.5 MB in size.)

Below is an example of the covenant letters that were sent out in August, 2006. Issues cited included basketball goals, cars parked on the street and unkempt yards/driveways.

We have since visited most of the residents with covenant violations/outstanding dues payments and all have begun to comply with our neighborhood covenants. A special thanks to each of you for making our neighborhood an attractive place to live.

Dear Woodbridge Homeowner,

Greetings! We would like to take this opportunity to acquaint you with your new Woodbridge Homeowners Association (HOA) Board and ask for your help with a few things.

First of all, please allow me to introduce the nine individuals who attended the HOA General Membership meeting in May and volunteered their time, talents and abilities for the purpose of maintaining and improving our neighborhood:

Tony Armstrong – Vice President and Chair of the Grounds Committee

Leann Beloshapka – Chair of the Welcoming Committee

Pat Brown – Treasurer and Chair of the Finance Committee

Brian Haines – President

Brad Huddleston – Chair of the Covenants Committee

Angie Kelley – Chair of the Social Committee

Roger Matthews – Participant on the Grounds Committee

Abram Reese – Chair of the Security Committee

Jodi Wilkinson – Secretary and Chair of the Communications Committee

As I have gotten to know these fine folks, I have become convinced that they have the best interest of the Woodbridge neighborhood as a whole in mind as they have volunteered their time to serve their community this year.

One of the essential roles of a homeowners association is to make sure that its members abide by the covenants it has in place. Our written covenants comprise a legal document designed to ensure homeowners and potential homeowners a level of uniformity within the neighborhood. Covenants are set in place to preserve property values and to give home purchasers assurance that the neighborhood that they are buying into will remain the neighborhood that they have invested in for the future.

Let’s face it. Without covenants as a standard for what is appropriate and what is inappropriate within a neighborhood, each family will begin to do what they believe is right in their own eyes. How many neighborhoods have you seen become run down, plummet in property value and become riddled with crime in the Memphis area? This did not occur over night. Rather, a gradual progression of changes caused people who wanted to live in a certain kind of neighborhood to move out while people who cared less about the quality and appearance of their homes moved in. Covenants are your insurance that this will not happen to Woodbridge.

In order for covenants to insure that a neighborhood retains the value, appearance and level of standards that it’s residents expect, three things must take place.

First, residents must know the rules. If you do not have a copy of the covenants, please send us an e-mail and we will be sure to deliver a copy to you. We also plan to get these on-line in the near future. If you have trouble understanding or interpreting them, we can help with that too.

Second, the HOA must enforce the rules. If no one confronts covenant violations then people tend to progressively ignore them or at least ignore the covenants that do not suit them. Our Covenant Committee has been tasked with identifying covenant violations and then communicating with those families who need to change something in order to comply with the neighborhood standards. This letter is part of that effort.

Third, homeowners have to make the appropriate changes to bring their home into compliance with the covenants. We need your help with this. Although the HOA can impose fines, file liens, invoke City of Lakeland citations and seek legal means to resolve covenant violations, it is a whole lot more simple if people just follow the rules. We understand that we can create compelling arguments and justifications as to why we should be an exception to the rule, but the facts are, the covenant document is the standard which we must go by.

That said, if you would like to see a covenant change or be added, you certainly have a voice. Please feel free to e-mail the Board and we can put the issue on the agenda for discussion at the next General Membership Meeting on August 28th, 2006. If there is adequate support for the change, the Board can send out a ballot to determine the outcome of the issue by a vote. Please review your covenants for all the details.

So, please do your part in helping to keep our Woodbridge neighborhood the attractive, friendly and peaceful neighborhood we sought when we purchased homes here. Below is a notice from our Covenant Committee which needs your attention. Out of respect and courtesy from your neighbors, we would appreciate your taking care of the issue promptly.

(A specific covenant violation would be noted here along with the text of the covenant it relates to. A photograph of the violation was provided to help the homeowner and rest of the board see exactly what the letter was referring to.)

We thank you in advance for taking care of this matter and look forward to meeting you soon at our next meeting. If you would like to contact us, please do so at the following e-mail address:

We will also be posting information on our website: and on our message board:

Be sure to look for our article in the next issue of Lakeland Citywatch and our quarterly update coming out soon.

In the Spirit of Community,

Woodbridge Subdivision Homeowners Association, Inc.

Brian S. Haines, President